Sunset View at Lauda Restaurant

Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Amazing Experience in Lauda

Lauda restaurant is located in Andronis Boutique Hotel in Oia. Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and beautifully decorated, this restaurant is a heavenly place where you will get a five-star treatment, outstanding service, and delicious food. This being said I will share with you my amazing experience at Lauda Restaurant, one of the Best Restaurants in Oia Santorini.

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Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Entrance Lauda Restaurant

A Little Bit of History

Long before Santorini turned into one of the most popular destinations for millions of tourists, Oia was a small village. Lauda restaurant was built in 1976 and became Oia’s first restaurant where locals would go to chat and enjoy a drink.

Tip: I recommend making reservations at Lauda a month in advance, and if you want to have the best experience, make it for the sunset time, you will love it.

Oia Santorini

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From the moment of your arrival at Lauda, you will be amazed by the gorgeous view of the ocean and the village of Oia.
As soon as you get to your table, the manager will come and introduce himself, greeting you with a warm welcome making you feel at home.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and handcrafted cocktails that serve as a perfect complement to the gastronomic experience you are about to have. My favorites were the “Santopolitan” and the “Cotton Candy Champagne,” which were both out of this world.
Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Drinks

The Menu

The menu includes starters such as yellowtail, caviar, and octopus, as well as main courses of chicken, fish, beef, lamb, and lobster. Everything looks so delicious that it’s hard to decide what to eat.
For people such as myself, who want to try everything, Lauda Restaurant offers a tasting menu of six courses and a discovery menu of eight courses.
Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Appetizer
Appetizer at Lauda Restaurant
We decided to go for the chef recommendations on the tasting menu, which included the following dishes:
• Tomato: Tomato and watermelon under a thin layer of frozen tomato.
• Celeriac: Celeriac and Greek saffron cooked like a risotto.
• Millefeuille: Fava from Yannis Nomikos estate, local sun-dried tomato, pistachio, and artichokes.
• Chicken: Greek biological chicken, filled with slow-cooked legs, glazed eggplant sauce “Poulette.”
• Lobster: Turban of carrot and lobster, lobster bisque infused with local herbs.
• Tart with yuzu and local pistachios crémeux.
Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Chicken Dish
Tasting Menu at Lauda Santorini
Tasting Menu at Lauda Santorini
Every dish that came to our table was outstanding in both flavor and presentation. The waiter told us about how each meal was prepared and answered any question we had about ingredients or preparation.

The Sunset

While you are delighting yourself with this incredible culinary experience, the sunset will definitely bring the perfect touch to the evening, filling the sky with beautiful reds, oranges, purples, and pinks.
Sunset View at Lauda Restaurant
The staff took care of every detail in order to make us feel beyond comfortable, even bringing some throw blankets to warm us up because it was really chilly.
This evening was fantastic and was one of the highlights of our gastronomic experience in Santorini. If you want to have a romantic dinner while watching one of the most amazing sunsets in the world, don’t hesitate to visit Lauda Restaurant in Oia.
Best Restaurants in Oia Santorini | Wine & Dessert
Best Restaurant in Oia Santorini | Sunset
I hope you enjoyed my Experience in one of the Best Restaurants in Oia Santorini and next time you visit this gorgeous Greek island go visit Lauda Restaurant. Pin it to your Boards for future reference. Bon Appetite!

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