13 Theme Park Essentials you should pack

13 theme park essentials you should pack

When it is time to visit a theme park we need to be prepared for all kind of events, hot weather, prolonged walking, unexpected rain, and getting wet on the rides are some of the factors we need to consider when we are going to pack. Here is a detailed list of the 13 theme park essentials you should pack when you are going to a theme park. I have tried all these products. I love them and recommend them. 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, and any sales made through these links will reward me a small commission at no extra cost for you. I only recommend products and services I have tried and love.


Regardless of the type of weather, spring, summer, fall or winter, usually it is very sunny in one point of the day at the theme park. It is always a great idea to pack sunscreen to protect yourself from the sunrays.


I recommend bringing sunglasses. You will be walking outdoor the whole day, and at least if it’s raining it will be sunny most of the time.


Oh, how much I love hats! They are the perfect piece to match the sunscreen and the sunglasses to protect your skin from sun rays and avoid sunburn.

Portable Misting Fan

A misting fan is a must-have for those hot days. Nothing better than a refreshing mist of cold water on your face to make you keep going on your adventurous journey.

Poncho & Umbrella

Some attractions are going to leave you completely soaked. Better pack a poncho (Dollar Store has disposable ones). Usually, you will find places in the park that sell them, but they are more costly. So, better bring them and save some money.Sometimes an umbrella is a great choice instead of a poncho. Especially if you get a travel umbrella. When it is light rain, it’s better to use an umbrella, easy to fold, and you can avoid taking off-putting on the poncho.

Change of Clothes

Extra clothes usually apply to Theme Parks, where you are going to get wet. It’s always a great idea to change your damped clothes after all the fun. Include a pair of socks as well, just in case.

Cellphone Waterproof Pouch

If you don’t want your cellphone to get wet, but at the same time you want to keep taking photos or making videos, a waterproof pouch is a great choice.

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Please note that this post contains affiliate links, and any sales made through these links will reward me a small commission at no extra cost for you. I only recommend products and services I have tried and love.

My Favorite Products on Amazon

In Modern Travel Lifestyle Amazon Store, you will find more products that I like and recommend. While buying these products won’t cost you any extra money, I will get a small fee that will help me keep this site up and running.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a must-have for me. There are thousands of people touching everything, and you are one of them. Better keep your hands clean and germ-free to avoid getting sick.

Collapsible Water Bottle

You will find many water fountains along the park. You can refill your bottle as many times as you want and save some money (and time).

Hair Ties

When it is hot, you will thank me for this tip. Nothing like being sweaty and not being able to tight your hair up. Tangled hair is usually typical when you get on so many rides. Better pack some hair ties with you.

Portable Charger

Being the whole day, walking, taking photos, and making videos will consume your battery. A portable charger is a great way of keeping your phone up and running while you enjoy your day at the park.


You can bring snacks to some parks and avoid spending extra money because everything is more expensive there (always check the park policies about food and drinks). Chips, pretzels, crackers, cookies, dry cereal, protein bars, and chocolates are great choices. Plastic bottle or box juices are allowed as well.

Lightweight Backpack

For me, this is the easiest way to carry all your belongings with you. Some rides don’t allow bags or purses, but a locker will be provided to leave your stuff while you are in the attraction.

I hope you enjoyed my 13 Theme Park Essentials you should pack. I would love your feedback, your ideas, and suggestions. Save it and Pin it to your Boards for future reference.

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